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College Classes

College Classes

It is imperative to understand that, when a minor student, becomes a student at any college all rights accorded to, and consent required of, parents transfer to the student (section 99.5 of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act). That is, parents do not have the right to inspect the minor student’s records or gain access to information related to their attendance at the college. The minor’s parents/guardians must have a signed release from the student before the college will discuss or release any information related to the student. For this same reason, parents are not to contact their student’s professor(s). The student must contact their professor directly with any questions or concerns.

Minor students and their parents/guardians must also understand that they are entering a college environment, which is designed with adults in mind. Thus, the atmosphere of the classrooms will frequently reflect an adult population.

Students should be aware that:

  • Courses may have frank discussions about sensitive topics
  • Audio-visual presentations may be graphic in their content

This is not meant to create undue concern – only to serve as a precaution to allow minor students and their parents/guardians to understand what a college setting is like so that they can have a safe, positive educational experience.

How do I find out my student’s college class grade once the term is done?

Students can log on to their college account at any time to view their academic history or unofficial transcript and view grades from prior terms. If the college class was taken through Ben Holt, parents/students will also be able to see the grade on the students’ unofficial transcript. Parents/students can request an unofficial transcript from the front office. Please allow at least 3 weeks after the term has ended before requesting a transcript as college grades have to be entered manually in students’ historical grades once the grades are released to us from the college.

How do I find out my student’s college class in progress grade?

Your student! He/she is the owner of that information. That being said, here are a few tips if you get an “I don’t know what my grade is” response. If your student is enrolled in a:

  • Live class on the Ben Holt campus: Your student can ask their professor if he/she knows what their grade is. You and your student can also calculate what their grade is based on the grading information on the syllabus and any assignments/assessments graded and returned.
      • Online classes: Your student can share with you at any time their gradebook found on their online portal.

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