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Fly-In Programs

Fly-In Programs

College diversity programs that pay for high-achieving high school seniors – who are usually low-income, first-generation or students of color – to visit campus, give teens who can’t afford to travel out of state for a college tour the opportunity to try the college experience.

The programs, typically called “fly-in” or multicultural programs, are two- to three-day college tours for prospective or admitted students from underrepresented backgrounds. Some schools invite all students to apply but give preference to low-income students.

Colleges often cover all the transportation, food and housing costs for students during their visit. In most cases, parents who want to join their teen will have to pay their own way. One exception is Vanderbilt University. The Tennessee-based private national university pays for admitted students and one of their parents to fly out for a day, with the option of an overnight trip.

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