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Robert Hawkins

Teacher, Math 6-12


Robert Hawkins is a transplanted Californian who has been working at Aspire since 2011. Originally a son of New Mexico who moved here after attending the 1984 Olympics, Bob is now a teacher of Geometry, Algebra, and Art at Benjamin Holt. Bob’s degree in Art from New Mexico State University gave him the tools to work as a professional artist for years before he went into teaching. He obtained his Master’s degree in Education from UOP as a part of the first cohort of residents in Aspire’s vaunted Teacher Residence Program. Bob credits the program and his mentor teachers Nanci Holtz and Jen Marchy for his thorough training as a teacher. Bob also puts in time after class as the faculty advisor for the Art Club and the head coach of the Varsity Softball team, among other duties. Mr. Hawkins cites his strong relationship with his students and a new-found love of math as motivating factors in why he loves to teach.

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