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Class of 2019

Hello Seniors and Senior Families, 

Please CLICK HERE to view the Class of 2019 Newsletter. You will find this updated weekly! Please contact Ms. Jobe if you would like any senior-related information to be shared!

PSSP Part 1

2-Year Pathway Part 1

4-Year Pathway Part 1

Workforce Part 1

PSSP Part 2

2-Year Pathway Part 2

4-Year Pathway Part 2

Workforce Part 2

PSSP Part 3 & 4 (Due 4/19)

4-Year Pathway Part 3

4-Year Pathway Part 4

2-Year Pathway Part 3

2-Year Pathway Part 4

Workforce Part 3

Workforce Part 4

PSSP Part 5 (Due 4/26)

4-Year Pathway Part 5

2-Year Pathway Part 5

Workforce Part 5

Workforce Part 4

PSSP Presentation:

PSSP Presentation Rubric

Reflection Questions & Life Hack Suggestions

CLICK HERE to view notes from the presentation roll-out

Ideas for presentation (feel free to add to the list by emailing Ms. Jobe suggestions)

When do you present? CLICK HERE to find out! 

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